The Future Of Voice Technology

Nara creates unique voices for all applications.

Power your next project with a unique voice created to capture your brand and resonate with your customers.

Custom Voices

Each Nara voice is synthesized from over 100 hours of real human voice. We work closely to design a uniquely branded voices that captures the aesthetic and messaging of your brand.

High Performance

Support for voice streaming, flat file delivery, or real-time connections allow us to deliver voice to your projects at blazing speeds no matter what technical requirements you're faced with.

Cross Platform

We provide voices across all devices and technology stacks. Select partners can opt-in to our API or synthesize voice directly on the device itself.

Hear Our Latest Voices

New voices coming out for winter 2018

Currently working with retail and consumer hardware to produce custom voices.

Contact us to be receive alerts as soon as our synthetic voices are released for public use.


Available to enterprise customers and researchers for educational purposes.

API for public use is expected to be released in early 2019.

Personalized Voices

Capture the attention of your most expensive demographics with a customized voice for your audience.

Proven Technology

Voices are created with the latest advancements in speech technology and neural networks

Fighting Fake News

All voices are cryptographically signed and verified so you can rest assured your voice can never be used maliciously or against your permission.

Easy Customization

Customizing your own voice is easy. We'll start by showing you our 3-step process and guide you along the whole way until your new synthetic voice is completed.

Cloud Upload

Store your voices with us for easy access, with trouble free uploads, and heavily discounted storage cloud storage space.

Support & FAQ’s

24/7 customer support with a real person on the other end of the phone. If you're in NYC we'll happily come to you and show your team how the platform works.


* Currently available to enterprise plans only.


Perfect for developers and weekend hackers


/1,000,000 characters
  • 2 Nara voices

  • First 1,000,000 characters free

  • Custom voices

  • Realtime voice streaming

  • Analytics Dashboard

Premium User

For projects and small companies


/1,000,000 characters
  • 10 Nara voices

  • First 2,000,000 characters free

  • Custom voices

  • Realtime voice streaming

  • Analytics dashboard


Large scale enterprise solution. Contact us for details.


/1,000,000 characters
  • 25 Nara voices

  • First 10,000,000 characters free

  • 1 Custom voices

  • Realtime voice streaming

  • Analytics dashboard

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