Audio-enable your content.

Quickly write and publish audio-enabled content to voice and audio platforms across the web using Nara's text-to-speech editor.

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How it works


Start by syncing your content using one of our integrations for popular CMS platforms, RSS feeds, or upload content manually.


Once your content is uploaded, use the Nara editor to manually adjust your content so that it sounds great in audio form.


Once you're finished editing your content, simply hit publish and Nara will publish your content across voice and audio platforms.


Intuitive Text Editor For Your Editorial Team

From unique speaking voices and pronunciation to accents and emotion, Nara helps editorial teams make effective audio narrations with AI-powered suggestions.

  • Speech embeddings
  • Custom pronunciation
  • Sentence structure suggestions

Write Once & Deploy Everywhere

Instantly publish to popular audio and voice-first platforms

Home Assistants
Personal Devices
Audio Platforms

Amazon Alexa



Apple HomePod


Apple Podcasts

Google Home



Easy Installation

Our quick-start installation takes only 5 minutes and very little coding experience required.

Control Your Content

Stay in control of your content with tools that allow you to decide whether or not to load audio on an article-per-article basis.

Listen Anywhere

Allow your users to take the conversation with them. Whether at the gym, or on their commute, your users should be able to stay up to date on the latest news.

Audio Analytics

Nara Analytics provide actionable insights and tools to leverage your data for a deeper insight into your audience, engagement, and content strategy.

User segments

Over 75 user segments allow you to identify who is most engaged, and least engaged with your content.

Data Reports

Monthly data reports provide insight into how your content is performing against larger macro industry trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. Contact us via email for further help.

I'm a publisher, what do I need to add audio to my website?

You will need an RSS, XML or Atom feed and an account with us, that's it.

Is there a Nara API?

The Nara API is coming soon. If this is something you're interested in, contact us and let us know.

How many articles can I synthesize?

You can synthesize as many articles as you like, there are no limits.

How long will it take to turn all of my content into audio?

This depends on the average length of your content but typically we can synthesize all of your content in one day.

How will I know if my audience likes having audio on my website?

We provide extensive analytics around engagement and usage of Nara audio on your website.

Can I edit my audio before and/or after it's created?

Yes, you have full control over your content. You can make as many edits as you like and your audio is instantly updated.